Eastern Townships

A maintenance service that lives up to your reputation.

Your offices are the beating heart of your business. Have them cleaned with all the care and attention to detail that your staff deserve.

Our guarantee

Your clients & staff deserve it.

The psychological effects of a clean space on the individual are indisputable. Let us take care of your premises while you focus on the quality of your services.

An approach more so than a service

To go unnoticed is making all the difference.

  • Crew
    Staff that are trustworthy, continuously trained and specialized in assigned tasks. Rely no longer on hiring and managing your own maintenance staff.
  • Modernity
    A 24/7 service with flexible hours. We work when you are not there to never be a nuisance to your team.
  • Satisfaction
    Fixed-term contracts ensure that you are always in control of our relationship.

For the well-being of your employees.

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"Je ne croyais jamais sortir des interminables rencontres sur Zoom."
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle
"Chez Nomad, c'est beau, c'est fonctionnel et c'est vivant. Parfait pour moi."
Adrian Moore, Melbourne
"Mon équipe a trouvé son nouvel espace de travail. Nous restons ici."
Farrah Kent, London
"On se serait débarrassés de la pression de notre loyer plus tôt, avoir su."
Mo Fallah, Sydney
Abonnements mensuels

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Jouissez d'un accès à nos postes en accès-libre et à une connection internet incluse.

WIFI gratuit
Café libre-service
Aires de détente
Agréments sur place

En plus de l'accès libre, possédez une banque d'heures mensuelle de réservation d'espaces privés.

Accueil +
Café libre-service
Aires de détente
Agréments sur place

Votre équipe a besoin d'un lieu où vous regrouper et vous synchroniser à temps partiel.

Demeure +
Café libre-service
Aires de détente
Agréments sur place
Sur demande

Nous sommes heureux de nous rendre flexibles pour aider les plus grandes entreprises.

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Café libre-service
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Eastern Townships

Here are the most frequent questions from our customers and people who want to join our ranks. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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How are your prices calculated?

Our rates are generally calculated by the hour according to the time required by department and type of space. However, in the case of buildings and shops, our prices are mostly calculated per square foot. The type of pricing will be determined with you during the estimate.

Do you offer package deals for several buildings?

Absolutely! We are used to working with real estate companies that have multiple locations and it is part of our approach to offer volume discounts.

Do you use ecological products?

Yes ! We put at your disposal a whole range of ecological products available according to the requirements of your industry and your personal objectives.